May 2002 (2 of 4)

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To finish, a few pictures to show the dangers of alcohol. This all too happy bunch have drunk so much that their inhibitions have weakened to the point where they'll even smoke pencils in public. Remember kids, 2B pencils can kill.

Smoking pencils has some very bad after effects. Dancing like you're a Captain Scarlet puppet looks to be one of them...

...whilst some people just sit and watch the fun. What could Ben be looking at? My that's a see through dress!

I promised a better picture of DJ Ruth and here it is, as you can see, the smoke machine was very cruel to hide her from the rest of us most of the evening...

These pictures were bought to you by Nikki (behind the camera) and Jim (at the computer) with a little help from the letters P, S and P. See y'all soon.

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